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Meercat Consulting, Brighton mobile: 07831 202730 tel: 01273 747408
We work to make a positive difference in in four key areas:

Organisation Development Evaluating current culture and the impact that has on performance, exploring what is needed from a desired future culture, and designing multiple activities to reach that goal. Organisations working through change in particular can really benefit from applying an OD lens and involving their people in the creation of solutions to their challenges.

Development of Leaders Coaching individuals as well as working with leadership teams to achieve a deep understanding of psychological factors that impact on effectiveness. Experiential sessions and appropriate psychometric tools are used as appropriate during this developmental journey.

Team Development Diagnosing the current state of a team, then creating the best possible intervention; no off-the-shelf team building sessions but a tailored approach that works.

Development of Athletes Mental fitness plays a vital role in sporting success. Working to develop psychological wellbeing as part of an athlete’s training plan leads to the delivery of results in their competitive environment.

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